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Jordan met Maia in a town in New Jersey, in a music store while buying old vinyl records.

Eventually, she tried to break up with him, which angered him. To let him get that it was over, Maia kissed another guy at a party in front of Jordan.

The two officially tried to define their relationship once and for all, Jordan told Maia that if she wanted to remain friends, then that wasn't going to work for him, because he still loved her, and knew that just being friends would be too difficult for him.

After a moment of contemplation, Maia kissed him, revealing her decision to get back together as a couple.

Soon enough, Jace ended up at their apartment and revealed Jordan's true nature as a werewolf right after he met him, forcing Jordan to immediately explain that, as part of an alliance, the Praetor Lupus had him dispatched to keep an eye on Simon.

Jordan and Maia met again for the first time since he Turned her the night Simon accidentally attacked and fed on Maureen Brown, which also happened to be the same night that Maia and Isabelle finally found out that they were both dating Simon.

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