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However, you can only get the old approval status field value in Item Updating event, but you don’t want to send notification in Item Updating. First we need an List Event Receiver that will listen three events of the list: Item Added, Item Upating and Item Updated.So it’s safe to send notification in Item Udated event but in Item Updated event you’ll not get the old value. You need to send notification on two events: Item Added and Item Updated. Saving these files to your local machine and opening them you can see the results in Word: Or with the very same content in Adobe Reader: Thanks to Wikipedia authors for free circuit and flag images and to my F1-fun son for quality assurance all the data included in the demo applications. So, I’ve created a simple event receiver that only trace out the content type information of the new item when it was added to the list: library should contain both the Word document and the PDF document for the race results.Another important difference from the former one is that at the scheduling conflict it was an end-user issue (a business user caused the conflict in the project plan scheduling), and in the case I’m writing about now, it was a mistake of an administrator plus a suboptimal code block in Queue: General Queue Job Failed (26000) – Managed Mode Task Synchronization. Details: id=’26000′ name=’General Queue Job Failed’ uid=’46918ff3-3719-e611-80f4-005056b44e32′ Job UID=’adcad466-44bd-444b-a803-073fd12a2426′ Computer Name=’4fc61930-ef50-461b-b9ef-084a666c61ca’ Group Type=’Managed Mode Task Synchronization’ Message Type=’Synchronize Task List In Managed Mode Message’ Message Id=’1′ Stage=” Correlation UID=’cd56b408-a303-0002-d428-98cd03a3d101′. PWA: Project Server/PWA, Service App: Project Server Application, User:i:0#.w|Your Domain\Farm Account, PSI: [QUEUE] Synchronize Task List In Managed Mode Message failed on project 5c21bf1b-c910-e511-80e5-005056b44e34. Null Reference Exception: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Now I planned that the workflow would be associated with a parent content type that would contain only the fields required by the workflow, and child content types would be “inherited” from the parent to add form data.In my recent post I wrote about a project publishing issue that was a result of a scheduling conflict. The other day we had a similar problem with project publishing, but in this special case failed an other sub-process of the publishing process, the task synchronization. We already solved similar workflows utilizing item event receiver, but in that cases the receiver was bound to the list. The workflow itself is not important here, the main point is that the data submitted is different but the workflow should be common.

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Root Cause : The issue is with the Prog Id property, Prog Id is blank or no value Work Around : Prog Id property set to ‘Share Point. Approach 1 : You can create an event receiver which sets the Prog Id property set to ‘Share Point.

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