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Just because a guy left school at 15 doesn't mean he's stupid, Maycock says, but she finds some women frustratingly snobbish about education and profession -- although a man may read the 'Financial Times' and be a successful businessman, if he doesn't have a degree, she says, a lot of women aren't interested: "As a dating agency catering for this sector, this is a major challenge for us.

"We're trying to bridge the gap between men who want women 15 years younger and women who only want a university-educated man." And, sometimes, even a degree isn't enough -- geographical location can be sticky.

"The next date he went on he followed our advice and started a very good relationship!

" It's crucial to ensure you're ready to launch on the dating scene as a divorced/separated or bereaved individual, says Mary Kenny, a counsellor and psychotherapist.

Some over-50 males are seeking women their own age, Maycock acknowledges, but, she observes, they're a hot commodity in pubs, clubs and golf-clubs -- and they know it.However, Kenny is more optimistic about the opportunities for women in their 50s."This age is a classic time to break up and it can be easier for people in this age group to meet people.While the rates tend to be similar for men and women up to age 45, it seems that by the late 40s (the divorce rate peaks at age 48) the number of separated and divorced women outstrips their male counterparts.One explanation, she says, is the higher numbers of men who re-marry following divorce.

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"Women in Ireland tend to stay longer in education and do better than men, so for every one professional woman there's only 0.6 professional men.

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