Intimidating professors

Some profs might use the online discussion boards or the web conferencing tool Blackboard Collaborate to meet with students.

Your professor will let you know all the Quercus features that will be using.

Before class, your prof is getting presentation materials and notes ready, and after class is when you’re probably worrying about getting across campus to your next class.

Quercus is a great place to find all your assignment information, grades, readings, quizzes, and all the updates from your professor.

"I'd probably, you know, leave the exam room crying if I was in year 12 and I had to do this. He added that the topics discussed in the examination are usually taught at the university level.

Clearing the JEE is the first step to get into the Indian Institute of Technology, which the most prestigious university in India.The government is determined to move forward with a plan to abolish the university asylum law as part of a broader push to curb lawlessness, with a bill expected to go before a vote in Parliament by August 8, it was decided on Friday at a cabinet meeting.Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis has long pledged to abolish the law, which was introduced following the fall of Greece’s junta but is being widely abused by self-styled anarchists, and made it one of his key pre-election promises.His goal is twofold: to allow universities to resume functioning normally, without frequent interventions by members of anti-establishment groups, and to restore law and order, both on campuses and in areas that have long been “no-go zones” for the police, such as the anarchist stronghold of Exarchia.Although most academics would like the notion of university asylum to be protected, they are anxious for the problem of lawlessness to be addressed.

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