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One member named Mark posted in the group that he was looking for platonic friendships. ” “You have come to the right place,” David told Mark in reply.He also disclosed that he has Asperger’s syndrome and is often confused by people’s body language and social cues. “We have lots of people on the Disability Match site who are looking for friendship.” “We are all human beings, and we have feelings so we must love each other,” said another user, who added that he’s open to building relationships with people with disabilities.This niche dating site in the UK has done a lot to normalize disability in the online dating scene and rid people of their misconceptions about disabilities and dating.Today, the friendly dating platform welcomes people with mental and physical disabilities as well as anyone open to dating a disabled person.Since its launch, Disability Match has welcomed singles with a variety of disabilities and given them a dating environment where they don’t have to hide or feel ashamed.

A decade ago, the average disabled person probably wouldn’t even have considered joining a dating site to meet people. General dating sites seemed to only offer disabled folks a chance to be judged, ignored, or taken advantage of.The efficient team keeps a close watch on the dating site to ensure all members feel safe as they put their hearts on the line and meet new people.The dating site employs hands-on teamwork as well as cutting-edge technology to keep people safe from harassment, scams, identity theft, and other hazards.David said his plans for the immediate future don’t involve overhauling the site or adding flashy yet unnecessary features — he just wants to engage more closely with users.“We’re trying to be proactive when engaging with our members,” he said.

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