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If you do, you’ll overwrite all your historical snapshots with the current snapshot of the data.Read that again and let your blood run cold as you realize that everything you built will collapse like a house of cards with one false step.And you’ll have a rich history for trends, forecasting, and seeing the changes over time.…But what if you don’t have the ability to build a data warehouse? Building data warehouses is easier, faster, and cheaper than ever… And Tableau continues to add data prep and data integration features that make life easier.Incremental costs may be classified as relevant costs in managerial accounting.

Your boss can only see the current state from the transactional database.Consider a custom SQL statement like: And if you use that Snapshot_Date field as your incremental refresh field, then each time you run the incremental refresh you’ll get all the rows appended to the extract with the most recent time-stamp (which of course is greater than any values already in the extract).So, you end up with a data structure looking like this: Now you’ve got historical data and can do all kinds of fun analysis!Incremental cost also referred to as marginal cost, is the total change a company experiences within its balance sheet or income statement due to the production and sale of an additional unit of product.It's calculated by analyzing the additional expenses incurred based on the addition of the unit.

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