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By following the points in this post, you’ll learn how to write attention-grabbing headlines that convert readers into buyers.The first thing you need to know is the #1 rule for headline writing: The primary purpose of the headline is to get the first sentence read.Butchers and other local service providers used to differentiate themselves by being more personable, and you can differentiate yourself by giving your business a personality that appeals to customers.Gary Vaynerchuk did this with Wine Library TV, and Brian Clark did this with Copyblogger.They create an initial impression that either draws readers in or pushes them away.Even if the rest of the copy is amazing and would convince 3 out of 10 people to buy, if the headline puts them to sleep, only a fraction of the customers who would have bought something will read your copy and make a purchase.The headline alone can make or break an ad, homepage, or e-mail subject line. If the headline pulls readers in, you’ll make more sales; if not, you’ll be left wondering what happened.And that’s why we’re devoting an entire post to headlines.

If your headline isn’t specific enough, customers won’t know whether or not what you’re selling is something they’re interested in. When I clicked through, I found out it was a post about Steve Jobs.

We’ve seen e-mail subject lines where a one word change increased click-throughs by 46%.

Open rates were nearly identical and the e-mail creative was exactly the same for both versions, but click-throughs went up by 46% in the second.

Headlines should be specific enough to get the attention of the company’s target customers.

When possible, your headline should convey a sense of urgency.

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If you hang around copywriting circles long enough, you’re sure to read this rule at one point or another because most copywriter’s view getting potential customers to continue reading as the number rule of headline writing.

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