How to stop ie from updating webpages

The top two solutions are actually pretty simple: Leo A.Notenboom has been playing with computers since he was required to take a programming class in 1976.The idea behind it is that it will always be quicker to pull the resource from your hard drive than to download it from the internet, which therefore improves browsing speed.The catch is that if the server changes the file your browser might serve you the old cached file from your hard drive.It doesn't explain why defrag would work but does move the problem outside the PC.On an aside, "CTRL F5" will tell the browser (at the least Firefox and IE) to re-download the current page entirely from the internet without using the cache.For instance, I went to a week ago and now every time I go the scores, news stories, stats, etc. Certain pieces of info on the website are current and sometimes clicking a link will bring up current info, but most is old. Let's look at what happens under the hood, what steps we would normally take to clear it up, and then make some guesses as to what else you might try.

That way even for information that changes you always see the most current.

Then you'll see what you're seeing: old information.

In your case, it's particularly noticeable since you're expecting the information to change, and in fact know that it has, and yet the web page doesn't update.

You should remember that most of the things that it caches are static images, so a lot of the time the default cache size of 250MB is quite large.

If you want to change it click on the open the Settings menu and launch Internet options. Here you will see the amount of disk space IE uses to cache files.

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