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Unmet need was more common in unmarried women and those who did not discuss about contraception with HIV care provider.

Making joint decision on contraceptive utilization with partner and having serodiscordant partner were associated with decreased odds of unmet need. The ART clinic represented one of the missed opportunities to initiate and promote contraceptive use.

There is also no violence reported, says a study published in the Journal of the International Aids Society.

The study finds that men flock clinics in higher numbers when informed their female sexual partner has tested positive.

Globally, an estimated 36.7 (34.0–39.8) million people were living with HIV in 2015 and there were 2.1 (1.8–2.4) million new HIV infections [1].

The emergence of the HIV epidemic is one of the biggest public health challenges the world has ever seen in recent history.

In sub-Saharan Africa, adolescent girls and young women accounted for 25% of new HIV infections among adults, and women accounted for 56% of new HIV infections among adults [1].

Likewise, Ethiopia is among the countries most affected by the HIV epidemic.

Regardless of their HIV status contraception offers women, their families, and communities a variety of benefits.

For HIV-positive women who do not want to become pregnant, contraception has the added benefit of reducing HIV-positive births.

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