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Where you'd go on your first date: Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes (although neither of you called it a date, to be fair, you're just sort of holding hands in a TOTALLY PLATONIC — oops).

How you'd spend quality time together: Playing Wizard's chess, listening to Lee Jordan commentate on the latest Chudley Cannons game.

Their version of I love you: Sending you a howler that screams "I LOVE YOU" followed by several other PG-13 implications in the middle of your workday.

What you'd fight about: You disagree on a call the ref made in favor of the Holyhead Harpies; Ginny leaves her dirty Quidditch robes all over the house. "Trust me," he said, before you side-Apparated into the most WTF night of your life.

You know all about Harry Potter and have watched all the movies, but you are in need of a refresher course on the books. After years of obsessively watching the movies and re-reading the books, you could practically teach History of Magic.

You might live in the wizarding world, but you haven't quite mastered the arts of potion-making and spell-casting.

Where you'd get married: An abandoned castle magicked to its original splendor.

Where you'd go on your first date: You met abroad, during the customary year of traveling after graduation from Hogwarts, so really, that was your first date.

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But it's time we stop lying to ourselves and face facts: even those of you who have steady significant others you love very much in the ~real world~ would probably drop them like a Sorting Hat to date someone in the Potter-verse.

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