Google drive not updating files

When it was finished, mine told me to restart my computer for reasons unknown to me—I didn’t do it, and everything still worked fine. If you previously had the Google Drive app installed, Backup and Sync should automatically log in to your Google Account. After that, a quick splash screen will let you know what the app is all about: backing up your stuff. The Backup and Sync tool is split up into two main sections: Let’s start with the Google Drive section first—it’s second in the list, but it’s much simpler and will be familiar to anyone who’s used Google Drive in the past. You can: These are really straightforward—just choose what you’d like to sync and be done with it.

Next, let’s look at the My Computer section, where you can select other folders on your PC to sync.

Millions of people worldwide have taken the advantage of this facility over the past couple of years and yet the number is increasing day by day. Now, one can also sync files across computers and access them without needing a web browser.

Appropriately named Backup and Sync, it’s a quick and effective tool to store your important files in the cloud. If you’re a heavy Google user, you’re probably already aware of Google’s other sync tools: Google Drive and Google Photos Uploader.

Those have both now been rolled into Backup and Sync, so you can control all of your files, videos, images, and more from one app.

Just navigate to the folder you’d like to back up, and click “Select Folder.” That’s all there is to it.

NOTE: Files you sync from outsdie your Drive folder won’t show up in Drive alongside all your other files.

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Just plug in the drive or card and specify what you’d like to do with it.

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