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Anyhow, me and Jake are sitting at our table, guffawing about Miss Tyler's Ginormous members, slapping each other on the back, when, all of a sudden, I look up toward the stage just in time to see on of B. I ducked as best as I could, but the flaming bullet of love whacks into the mirrored wall just above my head and bounces onto my skull.

Immediate sparks and flame ensue on my unsuspecting cranium. Jake quickly dumps his Gin and Tonic onto my head and pats out the flames. Everyone in the bar, including Miss Tyler , turns toward me and my still smoldeing skull.

But, in the long run, I-Dog and my Penis were pretty persuasive, and we eneded up deciding to go down to the Foxy Lady.

We pick up two of our esteemed cronies, I's best buddy Jake, and ol' Joe Pace, the 5' 1" Italian stallion, son of a Brick Mason, and possibly the funniest bastard you'd want to meet.

The dollar bills in my pocket set aside for emergency were not needed, my friend.

The idea behind radiocarbon dating is straightforward, but years of work were required to develop the technique to the point where accurate dates could be obtained.

A child mummy is found high in the Andes and the archaeologist says the child lived more than 2,000 years ago.

We're having a grand time watching the action, but from as safe distance, far from the solicitous sensibilites of those greedy Hootchy Mamas up on stage. There are some great opening acts, doing their sexy things to the strains of Rick James, or what-not . Anyway, the music starts, the lights go down, and the smoke rolls across the main stage.

But the main event, eagerly anticipated, and just about to come on: one Miss Bunny-Jo Tyler. Out into the spotlight glides the biggest set of boobs this young reporter had ever seen.

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