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By the time we realise they are ‘toddlers’ trying to find balance, it’s probably too late and they have already taken off with a part of us that in ‘unreturnable’.

Now that’s where the real drama begins, that’s exactly where hell breaks loose and Lucifer himself catwalks down the runway flagging our names to all and sundry. I was once caught up in some drama between a friend of mine and her ‘younger-than-her’ man that got me running along the railway line at dusk thinking we were under attack after the two suddenly started chasing each other.

Stranger or not, if a girl needs toilet paper, you pass the TP.

Like dating your friend’s ex should always come with their approval, and you never ever call her out on a crazy-filtered selfie – those should go without saying.We were all enjoying an evening walk and I was walking ahead of them when suddenly (apparently after a misunderstanding) the man cruised past me with my friend in hot pursuit.I did not even wait to check out what was following them.That’s the day we both realised the man was more than ten years younger than us after the mother started yelling out his age in between quarrels. From then on, I taught myself how to gauge these humans.If he approaches you and seems to have everything in his life falling into its place, my sister, run and don’t look behind.

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I decided to join the race so that we could finish it together.

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