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Daily Lives of highschool Boys cut's its episode into sketch like snip-bits that are arougn 5 minutes long.

Gintama though devotes a whole episode or more to a whole subject, with many jokes inbetween.

Each episode presents the boys and their classmates in unique situations that you may or may not have faced in high school yourself! If you enjoy a good laugh you will enjoy these two series!

The Comedy style is nearly the same in both Gintama and in Daily lives of Highschool Boys, it will have you tearing from laughter for the whole episode!

more crazy, but both it and Hoozuki no Reitetsu share a similar style of comedy.

Although Hozuki has a soft spot for cute animals and is known for his love of gardening Goldfish Flowers, he's...Both Gintama and Sket Dance revolve around a group of three interesting characters who help others.One is the leader, the other is an otaku and last is a girl with fierce strength. Join Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake as they undergo the trials and tribulations of life in high school. (But hopefully laugh more.) You'll be astounded by the zany antics of the Sanada High School...Known as Sket-Dan for short, the trio accept any odd jobs that come their way in the name of maintaining a peaceful life for the students of the academy...Both Sket Dance and Gintama are gag series about people trying to help each other.

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