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Can time change rocks into raccoons, seawater into turkeys, or sand into fish?Can time invent human hormones, the telescopic eye of an eagle, or cause the moon to orbit the earth?At the upper right of the chat room you will find a create/modify a chat room button.Please click this button to launch the configuration options.You may choose to view in portrait or landscape mode.

We are condemned to believe in evolution, but we will always search for a suggestion concerning the methods of transformations .

This is species evolution, and will be discussed in the chapters on Fossils (chapter 17), Ancient Man (chapter 18), Natural Selection (chapter 13), Mutations (chapter 14), and Species Evolution (chapter 15).

MAGICAL TIMEYet it is thought that time can somehow produce evolution,if there is enough time in which to do it!

This will be covered in the chapters, Primitive Environment (chapter 9), and DNA (chapter 10).

Third, evolution of living organisms into more advanced life forms by natural selection or mutations.

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Salet, Hasard et Certitude: Le Transformisme devant la Biologie Actuelle (1973), p.

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