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I've had a lot of sex, met some nice girls, but I'm starting to feel like I need something else.

The trouble is that now I'm not even sure what that is, or how I would go about finding it." So far, so chilling, especially when you consider that, according to research from Michigan State University, 32 per cent of couples who meet online will break up within a year, compared with 23 per cent who get together offline.

Or be in a taxi and on top of each other within half an hour.

Alternatively, as is becoming increasingly common, you could spend an afternoon sending each other lewd messages before you get bored and wander off, or find someone better.

I thought that the site was supposed to provide me with a perfect match, so I had to think that either the system was flawed, or I was.

EHarmony estimates that by 2040, 70 per cent of all couples will meet online.

But the overwhelming majority of us are looking for a fast fuck.

To be less crude, it's as if the internet finally figured out what we already knew.

The online dating industry has been rapidly growing and evolving for over a decade, but it took Tinder to turn it on its head and open it up to millions by gamifying it.

Tinder is now a verb, a recognised bar activity and a household name, so we all know how it works – it syncs with your Facebook account, and links you with other users based on your location, so you can look at potentially millions of profiles from your smartphone. If they swipe right too, you can message, meet and fall in love.

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