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but really its okay I’ll treat you like an ass and you’ll hate me, and life will go on (to waitress) Hey, I was just checking back with you… It didn’t look like you were making much money by standing around talking to me, and if you wound up coming home with no tips, then you’re not going to be able to take me out for a drink and keep me surrounded by the type of lifestyle that I’ve become accustomed to… You sound like you might be more than just a pretty face (which is refreshing). This has the effect of making contact with her relatively quickly, but still creating anticipation because you haven’t actually talked.Let’s get together this week for a cup of something delicious and some stimulating conversation.

You'll notice a drastic improvement in your game when you adopt David Deangelo's material that's found in his ebook Double Your Dating.

Notice the hostility towards the David Deangelo discipline.

There usually is when people are faced with obvious truths. Take advantage of vulnerable guys with no self esteem.2. Work on brainless girls Double Your Dating does not take "advantage" of men with low self esteem.

See also three minute closes on how to email close. When they do, I say “What’s your # and when’s a good time to reach you? [If girl was a bit reserved but still gave e-mail address] Hey, it was nice talking to you…

” I know you’re scared of meeting such an intelligent charismatic rockstar like myself, because you’ll fall so hopelessly in love you couldn’t take the rejection, fall into habitual drinking, and eventually kill yourself… You seemed like you might have been busy today, but email me and maybe I’ll have some time this week and you can join me for a cup of coffee and some good conversation. I’ll start with a charming email to get the conversation started, then tell her that I’m going to call in a day or two.

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