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Morgz common view-count per video would be at least 200,000 views, but some do often get higher than that.

Morgz was on a struggle in the second half of 2017 before returning to the past trend 'Song Lyric Text' pranking, which got millions of views.

During the Morgz Gaming era, he had been doing an Outlast series (videos currently private), a Shout Out Sunday series (also private), and a few vlogs throughout that time period before making a video about changing his name yet again.

"Morgz Gaming" then became "Its Morgz", while continued to make FIFA, Outlast, Shout Out Sunday, and Call Of Duty content.

Morgz also did London Vlogs with 5 other You Tubers, Wills, The Blue Dan, Swarmzy, Skillzer, and Treeny, doing the Crossbar Challenge together at the Sidemen Pitch.Morgan's most viewed video is "Kid Spends 0 on FORTNITE with Mom’s Credit Card...[MUST WATCH]" , where Morgz purchases the entire Fortnite Season 4 Battle Pass, and his mother finds out Morgz used his mother's credit card.Ever since the release of 'Pokemon GO', Morgz has done an enormous amount of Pokemon GO videos. it has over 6 million views and was his most popular video in a week.His most popular one was, "MY BEST POKEMON CATCH!!! When Morgz hit 500,000 subscribers, he finally revealed his Mum, Jill Hudson, and has done multiple videos with her since, and now does videos with her almost all the time.

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