I began a slow deliberate sensuous walk toward him. As I sashayed toward him, he removed his jacket and tossed it aside.

The brown paper bag he was holding containing our champagne almost fell off the edge of the small table as he tried to place it there without looking.

My lover’s eyes grew bigger and bigger as I approached him.

At about the midpoint of my seductive walk to him I paused and pirouetted on… Read more As soon as I saw her I knew, or at least strongly suspected.

Even at that age, I knew enough that this sort of thing was made fun of. With both of the laying naked in their beds I went from Carol in the guest room to Jean in the master using my rag dolls to satisfy the dark and forbidden taboo urges that I could no longer control .It was a couple of months later that Addison’s employer made a big announcement regarding a huge hire the station had made. My job took me to malls throughout the entire state.Sean Thompson had been hired for their sports department. He was a… Read more This is a true story about my very first (of many to cum) experience with a transgender. Every month around when my cell phone bill was due I would always get sent to a mall on the westside. There was always this gorgeous Latina Maria working there with an hour Glass shape.I was ready for some fun if any presented itself or at least some good tips from those who enjoyed such an open display of sexuality. I’d been sitting outside the Denny’s right by Sea Tac Airport waiting to be notified about an Uber pickup.

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