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Using different calculations, would-be prophets proposed no fewer than 11 dates for the coming of the antichrist between 11.One prediction for the coming of the antichrist focused on the year 1346.A victim might die in a matter of days after exhibiting the initial symptoms.In southern France and Italy between 75 and 80 percent of the population perished.Less than a year later, the German invasion of Poland plunged Britain and the rest of the world into World War IIthe most catastrophic military conflict in history. Science uses a wide array of methods for dating objects from the past.

The alternative to relative dating, although often called absolute dating, usually provides only an approximate date or a range of possible dates.Of course, just the nice round number 2000, signaling the end of one millennium and the beginning of another, planted the thought that something momentous might occur.After all, no one living had even seen the end of a millennium before.In the Middle Ages, the fall of the Roman Empire, the continual conquests by Islamic armies, and the frightful death and destruction brought on by Viking raiders caused many people to fear that the end was near.Despite the prominence of hostile armies, they looked not for a movement but for an individual, who embodied all evilthe antichrist.

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