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This is why it is possible to update all instances of the library item. You can click on the category to view all assets within it. It includes the colors of the text, backgrounds, and links. Links in your documents linking to outside sources. However, tables are now used in web design to include spreadsheet information and things of that nature.

They must be saved in a folder named Templates at the root level of the site. When you create your first template, Dreamweaver creates a Templates folder for you and stores your templates in the folder.To create a template, go to File Now you can create a design for your page by adding images, text, as well as other elements.When you save a document as a template, you can also specify editable and uneditable regions. This means that changes must be made in the original template and cannot be changed in the page itself.If we wanted, we could add a caption and a summary of the table's contents. This appears when the table is selected or when an insertion point is in the table. These are arrows for the table header menu and the column header menus.These menus can be used for quick access to table commands.

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To edit a library item: Go to the Library category in the Assets panel. To create a table in your HTML document, first click on the place in the document where you want to insert the table. You can drag on the border of any row or column to resize it.

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