Dropbox mac not auto updating

And how do I install and rollback to last stable version (now & later as well)?

Found this, Stop Drop Box for Windows desktop syncing when on metered wireless connection but Prefer something other than a 3rd party Firewall to block its auto updates.

When it is not running, two task scheduler tasks (in Windows) will run at login and once a week to check for updates.

But even if you disable these tasks, simply running the app will cause it to look for updates.

Is there a way to stop Dropbox from updating itself so I can stay with an older version of Dropbox?Any local tweaks/ permissions/ Group Policy related mechanism(s) / ideas?Bonus: Ideally, I'd like to start with my machine and then be able to scale/ implement this solution across a small network of machines on a Domain.If, on the other hand, you shut down Word normally but had not saved the file, you’d have no such option because Word erases the autorecovery files when you close a file normally.And I’d venture that there isn’t anyone out there who has never once mistakenly chosen the wrong answer to Word’s prompt “Do you want to save the changes? Maybe your finger on the mouse or trackpad slipped at the last second.

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