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Find a gorgeous woman (or man), marry her (or him), and live happily ever after.But movies always end before the fireworks (what your friend calls “zing-pop”) die down.If what he’s looking to hold his marriage together for “many, many, many years” is sexual attraction, he’s setting himself up for disappointment.When two believers come together in marriage, they have the potential, when the giddy feelings ebb, to leave what C.5 The most important factor in deciding if you are experience lust or love is not you physical response, but “your mental construct through which you.… I recently attended a marriage conference in Virginia Beach where I met Bob Lepine. I am a single 35-year-old Christian female struggling to get Christian guys to.…

Okay, that’s my paraphrase, but what other conclusion can one draw from a reply that begins thusly: If only it were that simple!And every so often, she achieves a level of grace and exuberance not unlike that of a classic MGM musical.I suspect your friend would say his desire for a “zing-pop” connection is consistent with Song of Solomon.Minor impediments sporadically interrupt their budding bliss, but there’s never any real doubt that, eventually, they’ll wow the crowd at the big show. Scripters Duane Adler (who co-wrote “Save the Last Dance”) and Melissa Rosenberg sprinkle stereotypes and stock situations across acres of familiar territory, so that seemingly frosty authority figures (like the school director played by an under-utilized Rachel Griffiths) become sympathetically supportive, and even a surly chop-shop owner (rapper-actor Heavy D) is revealed as a sensitive supporter of the arts.Even so, the well-cast leads are more than appealing enough to encourage a rooting interest.

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