Dhcp not updating dns server 2016 r2

That’s because on a Windows domain network we are not as concerned about the Windows clients as we are about the non-Windows clients.

Windows clients that are part of an Active Directory (AD) domain can benefit from the AD Access Control Lists (ACLs), which can prevent name squatting by limiting the access rights of devices.

Another important capability is an IP address inventory now has a tab for DNS records which lists all the DNS records related to that IP address – this includes A, AAAA, PTR, CNAME, MX, NS and so forth.

This would be really useful where there is use of CNAME, MX and other records types which have indirect relationship to the IP address.

The Name Protection feature in DHCP is meant for non-Windows clients that don’t belong to an AD domain.

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In the IPAM UI, this inventory can be viewed under the IP address space management pivot.

This inventory had to be manually populated or imported using a CSV file.

Now, admins will no longer be required to manually update IP address inventory or import csv file as long as they have reverse lookup zones up-to-date with PTR records.

The zone synchronization mechanism – AD replication in case of AD integrated zones and zone transfer in case of file based zones – ensures that the newly created or updated DNS record now exists on all the servers hosting the zone. Any update operation on a specific zone will be performed by IPAM on the preferred server which then gets replicated to other DNS servers.

IPAM maintains an inventory of IP addresses in the IPAM database.

Among other things, this can also be a big security issue.

Configuring the Name Protection feature is very simple. Notice that I have been talking primarily about the non-Windows clients throughout this article.

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