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The pilot special was considered a success, so Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide was ordered to series in early 2004 Moze wants to take a different elective than the guys to make new girl friends, but Ned refuses to let it happen; Cookie wears a heavy winter coat on the first day to impress girls.Ned gets a locker next to Timmy Toot-Toot and searches for a new one; Moze competes with Suzie to have the best locker in the school; Cookie's locker is far away from gym class and must go to great lengths to avoid being late.The pilot aired once on Nickelodeon, as a special, on September 7, 2003.The character was recast after the pilot, and the role of Cookie went to Daniel Curtis Lee to show racial diversity in the school.Ned was afraid that Suzzie didn't want to date him and Moze would't want to be friends with him.Then they were both trying to avoid each other and Suzzie.(Note: Special appearance from Cosmo and Wanda from The Fairly Odd Parents.) Moze and Ned face off in the martial arts class taught by Coach Stax (Fred Williamson); Cookie refuses to get sweaty, so he gets Seth to do gym for him.Ned must cram for the biggest test of the year and refuses the temptation to cheat; Moze tries to stop Bitsy from cheating off of her; Cookie is forced to take a test without technology when Sweeney believes him to be cheating.

Meanwhile Cookie was trying to catch his invention and Gordy finally caught the weasel only to let it go cause Cookie's invention would of killed it.

This has to be my favorite Ned Episode so far, and I hope those two get together again.

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So Ned, Moze and Cookie organize an alternative talent show called "Talentpalooza" where the students perform the talents they want. He initially wants to back out, but Moze and Cookie convince him to run so he can beat Suzie Crabgrass and Doug the most popular guy in school.

Ned and Moze attempt to finish their class projects, but their roughhousing gets them banned from the computer lab; Cookie's computer system breaks down and, with the help of Lisa Zemo, he learns to live life without computers.

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Ned tries to find the girl who kissed his name on the "hottie list" in the girls' bathroom; Moze becomes afraid of the bathroom when The Huge Crew takes over; Cookie has to go to the bathroom all day, and in panic, accidentally runs into the girls' bathroom, a blunder Ned experienced in kindergarten.

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