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Origin: Torres Vedras Where to find it in Lisbon: Fábrica do Pastel de Feijão Manuel Joaquim Machado Rebelo, abbot of the Priscos parish, was considered one of the greatest Portuguese cooks of the 19th century, known for preparing sumptuous banquets for the royal family. His pudding was famous not only for its particular taste and uniform texture (firm and velvety all the way through), but also on account of its particular ingredients: port wine and pork (usually hailing from the Chaves or Melgaço regions).

One of the most popular sweets in the historic Douro Litoral province, its creation can be traced to the northern region’s Monastery of Santa Clara, which was founded in the 18th century.These delicate wafers — which are, in fact, communion wafers — are filled with a smooth custard of egg yolks and sugar that must be cooked to a very precise temperature, so that when you bite into the wafer, the sweet yolk cream melts in your mouth.The appearance of this confection makes it particularly original: Inspired by Aveiro’s seascape, while reading a book of old recipes and decided to try it out.Legend has it that they starched their laundry with egg whites and had to come up with a use for all the excess yolks. Rita João and Pedro Ferreira, authors of the Portuguese pastry encyclopedia, write, “These places of faith and seclusion were often true laboratories of creation, where the religious dedicated themselves to rescuing old recipes, or to testing new ingredients from all over the world.” The main ingredients in these sweets are egg yolks and sugar, in addition to flour, nuts, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut, and other spices.The monks and nuns had a sense of humor, too; pastries have names like “angel’s double chin” or “bacon from heaven” Even today, centuries later, more than 200 types of delicacies are prepared according to their original recipes.

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Portugal’s nuns and monks pioneered the country’s sweets starting in the 15th century, when Portugal dominated global trade routes, including the spice trade, and the colonial sugar industry boomed.

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