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They sometimes have difficulty coming to terms with the reality that they have also aged and changed a lot over the years.Looking at yourself and seeing you as others may see you and coming to terms with the fact you are not in your youth anymore takes a bit of getting used to.If you have spent the past 20-30 years or so building your life with someone else, to then think about creating a life with another person that you may not have even met yet, or someone that maybe a stranger to you right now is not easy. • They are concerned about how others will view them if they pursue a new relationship.• They worry about what others would think, especially their kids.• People have ulterior motives for meeting-this can be true but stay smart, check things out and trust your gut.• Can’t decide what they are looking for in a relationship-in general you need to want the same things to be in with a chance.

When you consider how many singles there are, there’s probably only a small percentage of those individuals that honestly want to live their life alone, whether they admit to it or not.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t be youthful, and look and feel great whatever your age.

The problem for some is that they still want to find a new partner that looks like someone they may have found 20-30 years ago, even though they themselves have aged and changed dramatically too.

Especially for those that have had the experience of a good relationship even if it was short lived.

There are things that happen along the way through your life that make you hesitant to pursue a new partner, even though deep down you may want to be in another relationship. • They want to protect themselves from getting hurt.

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