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" Lorde said in the live-stream video, cracking up. CELEBS Go Dating’s Jack Fincham was left fuming after his date gave him just three out of ten during tonight's show.The date prior to that didn’t end well either, with fans calling him “rude” because he savagely ended it because he’d “had enough”.After a chat filled with several uncomfortable silences, the hunk decided to call it a night, telling Tamara: "I'm tired now, I've had enough today.To give you a better overall experience, we want to provide relevant ads that are more useful to you.For example, when you search for a film, we use your search information and location to show the most relevant cinemas near you.The Love Island star, 28, failed to impress Italian stunner Chiara during their very awkward date, but those watching at home weren’t surprised after watching his antics so far.During his feedback session with dating experts Paul Carrick Brunson, 44, and Anna Williamson, 38, he was shocked to learn just how bad the date really was.

‘I thought we had this future like he spoke to me about kids and marriage and it came on the radio that he was sexting another Love Island contestant,’ Megan said.What she means is that she did not learn anything about me.” He continued: “I feel like I am getting criticised but I don’t feel like I have done anything wrong.” Horrified, Jack replied: “Really?” Reflecting on how it had gone, he moaned: “I started off on a nine, now I got a four and a three.” Those watching at home took to Twitter to discuss his score, with one person writing: “I wouldnt even rate jack 3/10 id say 0.5/10 #Celebs Go Dating.” A second added: “She was way to generous with that 3/10 #Celebs Go Dating.” While a third tweeted: “Jack was lucky to get 3 tbh #Celebs Go Dating.” Last night Jack’s date with Chiara was branded the most awkward ever by viewers. They're good friends, but the Internet is thirsty for more to happen—and this, of course, is creating a bit of a faux-catty love triangle between Lorde, Antonoff, and Antonoff's ex Lena Dunham, whom he stopped dating in December 2017. There are lots of trolly headlines floating around alleging that Antonoff is "moving on" with Lorde,, which is honestly just creating drama where there is none.

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