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In the early 20th century, the first practical applications for radio telegraphy was with maritime communications.It was seen as a replacement for the centuries-old practice of signaling by flags, lights, and foghorns.Morse code signals will also penetrate interference, both natural and man-made, better than most complex modes.In fact, when band conditions are poor, CW is often the only way to make DX contacts.In a communique dated 23 February 2007, the ARRL stated that a “new Amateur Radio Service regime now is in place.The requirement to demonstrate Morse code proficiency to gain HF privileges officially disappeared from the FCC’s Part 97 rules today at AM Eastern Time.

John Desmond writes in his article, “The Advantages of CW,” that, “no matter who you are talking to in the world, you can complete a contact on CW.” That’s because there’s a series of internationally recognized Q-signals and short-hand terms that are understood by any ham radio operator in the world.As the gap made and broke contact, the radio wave was audible in a magnetic detector at the receiving station.These were eventually replaced by continuous wave transmitters (inspiring the short-hand name Morse Code is one of the simplest modes that can be used to make radio communications over long distances, and it doesn’t require complicated transmitting or receiving equipment to get on the air.Using short hand and Q-signals to speed thing up, some can transmit and receive code at 20-30 words a minute.In 1836, American, Samuel Finely Breese Morse (1791-1872), was the first to prove that information could be transmitted over wires. Patent Commissioner, Henry Leavitt Ellsworth, championed Morse's invention and secured early funding for it, chose these words from the Bible (Numbers ).

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