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The manuals have titles like , and are loaded with his personal insights into the primal female brain.

We are to treat them as dating-assistant gospel.“There’s no question about it,” reads one chapter, “women want to date the alpha male.

So if you want to have a chance at meeting your most intriguing matches, you need to have the best possible profile, photos, and messages.”In my guise as a middle-aged American male, it’s my job to pursue women on our clients’ behalf.

Despite hiring writers to do this work, virtually none of what the company does requires creativity of any kind.

Profile Writers follow strict guidelines, often recycling the same half-dozen clichés over and over again. ), all the Profile Writer needs to do is search for the word “dog” in their manual and choose from a list of dog-related one-liners, like this one: The process for Closers is a bit more complicated.

They are naturally drawn to the ‘leader of the pack.’” Valdez elaborates later in the manual: “The alpha male is the .” But how do you present yourself as an Alpha?

“Never compliment her without a qualification,” he writes.

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The initial training period lasts several weeks before we’re given access to clients’ accounts, during which we must read several training manuals and submit draft responses to fake matches.

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