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]Or this one:[A La Dorio badge, showing "UD" and certainly the ANCC number on the fixations]Can somebody move that pipe away from the badge, please ? Here's the only number found on the Urania/Marte I recently restored. According to Dr Maltoni the machine would be a '52 or '53, leaning more towards an very early '52.The boiler and group are correct for a Marte so the '51 date would make sense, especially as the machine was originally set up for gas only.

The one without ANCC numbers are represented by circles, which follow completely an other trend.Stamped date for Milano : It shows that ANCC numbers is a very good way to date the espresso machines.A small extrapolation is giving ~1944 as the beginning date for this system, which is a bit far from the ANCC creation but can be explained considering delays of application and the WWII period where production was almost zero (the metal being used for other purposes).I'm convinced we can apply it to other Milanese brands (La Cimbali, Snider, Pavoni) and draw this kind of graphic for other big productions sites like Torino (Victoria Arduino) or Udine...I just have to few numbers right now to get a decent plot.

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In Udine, for instance, there was San Marco and La Dorio brands who shared the same ANCC system, apparently stamped on the fixation of a large medallion.

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