Dating the book of revelation gentry

The key question concerning the book of Revelation is "when was the book written?

" If Ken Gentry is correct and the date is prior to 70AD then virtually all other prophecy pundits are wrong.

This is a must-read for all serious students of prophecy regardless of their position.

"Before Jerusalem Fell: Dating the Book of Revelation" is a doctoral dissertation seeking to demonstrate that Revelation was written prior to the destruction of the Jewish Temple in AD 70 and that it was prophesying that event.

In this work – the full text of Gentry’s doctoral dissertation from Whitefield Theological Seminary – the important question of Revelation’s date of composition is engaged.

Characteristic of the work is a careful exegesis of critical passages, a diligent survey of the scholarly literature on Revelation, and a meticulous search through the writing of early church fathers and Jewish and Roman historians.

You need to do a little more research concerning the dating for the Book of Revelation. Beale quotes Swete’s conclusion about the date of Revelation’s authorship with this comment, Sweet’s conclusion about the issue of Revelation’s date reflects a balanced judgment: “To sum up, the earlier date may be right, but the internal evidence is not sufficient to outweigh the firm tradition stemming from Irenaeus.”[3]Dr. Mac Arthur, a premillennialist, makes these comments Those who hold to the early date [pre- A. 70] see in Jerusalem’s destruction the prophesied second coming of Jesus Christ in its first phase.

Ken Gentry in his book, “Before Jerusalem Fell” cites evidence for a pre 70 AD date. Robertson and William Foxwell Albright dated the NT as having been written between 20-80 AD! 95 for Revelation is the most credible date for its authorship. External evidence for the earlier (Neronian) date is almost nonexistent.

Beale (Revelation: New International Greek Testament Commentary) Victorious Hope Publishing, United States, 2012. A large part of the argument deals with the identity of the beast (666) as Nero Caesar, the first imperial persecutor of the Church.

One cannot find a single really cogent argument in support of the earlier date.

The arguments produced are based on late and unreliable testimonies, on the wholly imaginary idea that John did not yet know his Greek when he wrote the Apocalypse, and on a very questionable literal interpretation of certain passages .

The Muratorian Fragment, an early document listing most of the books belonging to the New Testament, states that the apostle John wrote the Apocalypse or Revelation. Listen to the following evidence from men who hold different theological viewpoints about the future.

The dating of the book of Revelation has sometimes been driven by one’s view of future things. William Hendricksen, a well-known amillennialist, who has written a commentary set on the New Testament, makes this comment about the date of the book of Revelation. Irenaeus says that Revelation was written near the end of Domitian’s reign, and since Domitian ruled as Caesar after A.

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