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I’m never sure about some things but this week I was restoring an older Stanley enjoying myself seeing the rust disappear and helping the students to see the process and the results.Everything went well and the iron was slightly bellied on the flat side and was bent near to the top so we took it to task.Also, the place where you grasp the lever is made using two pieces, another mark of quality. You can still adjust the frog on this plane, it’s just not as easy or as precise.The lateral-adjustment lever on the right is what you want to avoid. It won’t move easily, but it sure will bend easily. – Christopher Schwarz Looking for More Woodworking Information?

Later changes in model number include the addition of the wider No.

This is (I’m told) a bit like speed dating , your job is to weed out the twitchy, drooling, camo-wearing sociopaths to find a suitable mate for life. The downside to plastic is that it gets really slippery if you sweat even a little.

If you’re not an expert in planes, you can still buy a good one if you know the hallmarks of a quality tool. The tote on the far right is what you want: Well-formed, curvy and rosewood. A quick look at this part of the plane will tell you immediately if the tool was made for a professional or for a homeowner. It has a round disc that mates with the iron; this provides a smooth action. The wheel that controls the depth of cut is nicely knurled brass.

Save the time and energy for what you love in woodworking rather than busy work.

But for this blog I wanted to say at last I have come across an obvious laminated English-made Stanley plane iron in the one I bought recently on e Bay.

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