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Tell her you’re open to hearing any parts of her story that she feels comfortable telling you. You don’t want to put her on the spot or pepper her with questions, but let her know you care and want to be there for her in any way that feels good for her.When your girlfriend was abused, she was forced into doing something without her consent.One client I worked with felt pressured when her male partner initiated sex nonverbally because she didn’t know exactly what he wanted, and would start getting anxious.If he used his words to tell her what he wanted to do, she felt much more comfortable.I care about her so much, and I want to do whatever I can. Your girlfriend is lucky to have a partner who is so sensitive and supportive.Here are six ways to be a good partner to a person who has been sexually abused.Even the fact that you’re so supportive may make your partner feel pressured to “recover” faster.

Talk to her about any difficulties she may have with saying “yes” or “no” to you, and try to come up with a plan for making sure she can be honest about her desires.

Even what I’ve written in this article and in previous ones might feel totally off to her.

Instead, let her be the authority on her experience.

Her consent literally did not matter to the person abusing her.

After an experience like that, it can feel to a survivor that her consent never matters.

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