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Estrellado was active on several dating platforms like Tinder in the hope of finding a significant other. “I only did it because I realized a guy could actually like me in that way.

Instead, she discovered men who wanted to be physically intimate but not fully commit to a relationship. In the hookup world, men don’t care about wheelchairs.”As part of her onstage persona, Ms. Her hope is to break down the misconception that people with disabilities should be treated like children or nonsexual beings.

When she’s feeling too short, she raises her chair to the height of whomever she’s talking to.“If I ever saw the pope, I would ask him to pray that I find love,” she says with a sad smile.

Dating is an emotionally risky proposition for everyone, but it is particularly challenging for people with disabilities.

Online dating services have created both new opportunities and risks for people with disabilities. Sites like e Harmony and offer specific advice to people with disabilities and those who are open to dating someone with a disability.

Be realistic, advises e Harmony, reminding us that the “heart works, even if some body parts don’t.”Until last year, Ms. She wondered if love wasn’t meant to be.“I just wanted to feel something,” she says.

People who rely on wheelchairs or who have another form of physical impairment often begin to date much later in life, and the rate of marriage is lower, according to Dr.

Margaret Nosek, who is the director of the Center for Research on Women with Disabilities at Baylor College of Medicine and has muscular dystrophy.

Sometimes when Tabitha Estrellado meets a man, he will extend a hand and expect her to shake it.It’s a challenge in the world of dating, where even the subtlest gestures can carry a lot of intention. Estrellado, a singer-songwriter, the worst part about having muscular dystrophy is knowing that many people don’t see her as a prospective romantic partner to date, to marry and to have children with someday.Still, she loves New York City night life and the possibilities that come with being in a crowd of strangers.For months, she would secretly hook up with men she met online. Estrellado has six personal aides who switch day and night shifts throughout the week. Bruener, who lives in Alexandria, Ky., and uses a wheelchair to get around, dresses up in a buttoned cardigan and a colorful headband, a girlish look intended to throw off her audience. “I still have all the same desires for the future as any other woman my age,” she says.Then one man accidentally dropped her on the way to the bedroom, resulting in severe injury, and she had to tell her friends and family the truth. At one of her comedy shows, a woman walked up to Ms.

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