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We are launching a dating app in less than a month called Scoop. Instead of answering a lot of questions about yourself to find a quality match, simply connect the apps you use in your every day life, and we'll do the rest! We did a live stream last night and the consensus of the live stream was to use a catch phrase from our website, "Find Your Flavor". This is definitely something we took into consideration.

Below are the two slogan's we are currently playing around with. You probably wouldn't fall within our target audience.

In reading my description of Scoop and how it works, "simply connect the apps you use in your every day life, and we'll do the rest!

" I could probably tweak that statement a bit to instead read, "simply connect some of your favorite apps to Scoop, and we'll do the rest! Here's the reality, If someone doesn't want to connect any apps, they don't have to and our service will still function just fine.

They don't remember not having the internet or barely remember it.

Our audience is younger than the standard dating app, it spans only within their 20's.

Some we will still appeal to, but not a lot of them.

We are looking for people that have been using tech for a majority of their lives.

We prioritise kindness and respect, providing a safe online community for users to build new relationships.

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