Dating persistent calling

You're filtering women based upon whether they are IMMEDIATELY attracted to you or not.This is a WEAK strategy and not one employed by a true Don Juan.maybe because you are just her type physically, you remind her of someone she used to be crazy about (maybe Uncle Steve), she's incredibly desperate at the moment, or you were really on top of your game when you approached her and managed to blow her completely out of the water.

We employ the techniques of CP to get the initial interest up, to get her to relax and open up, to get the phone number, and to get the first date. Perhaps it was a relative, or a friend, or maybe you were watching a late-night talkshow and some smashingly beautiful vixen was on telling how she and her husband met. Obstacles could, for example, include things like: she doesn't return your call, she breaks or reschedules the date, she doesn't flirt with you or laugh at your jokes, she's hard to talk to, she seems interested in someone else, and, in general, she doesn't put herself out or go out of the way to convey that she's interested in you. and doing it with a smile, despite the numerous obstacles which you will most likely encounter along the way.It reeks of low confidence, a fragile ego, and fear. It's bad because you're expecting a woman that you just met, that you may have only talked to for 3 or 4 minutes, or less, to display signs of high interest.You're expecting some woman that you hardly know, and who hardly knows you, to get excited at the prospect of spending time with you. Now, of course, it's possible that this will happen, that she will immediately be overwhelmingly attracted to you...

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They plan a date but she calls at the last minute to cancel - NEXT.

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