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The words and logos are NOT raised from the surface, but rather embossed into it. Pepper : Good for life" logo, and on the back, a 10-2-4 clock. Pepper good for life Notice the period after Dr Dr Pepper no period after the DR.

Basically, I'm hoping that someone can help me find out how old this bottle is.

Flasks: We seek early American flasks embossed with images such as Washington, La Fayette, Ben Franklin, General Zachary Taylor, Jenny Lind, and Andrew Jackson.

Flasks embossed with images of eagles, hunters, prospectors, cabins, boats, girls on bicycles, railroad cars or carts, clasped hands, cannons, glass house names, and fancy scroll work are also sought.

-Boo Boo Picture cropped and reduced in size - please see Help - Using the Forum --- Actually, the '50s bottles have 'Dr. Some sodas are made of stoneware with product names stamped or stenciled onto them. However, the word is often combined with one or more other words to describe the product.We seek bottles embossed or labeled with words such as: Indian bitters, kidney and liver bitters, stomach bitters, laxative bitters, old sachem bitters, national bitters, restorative bitters, wild cherry bitters, sarsaparilla bitters, home bitters, wine bitters, blood bitters, iron bitters, herb bitters, vegetable bitters, plantation bitters, hop bitters, bourbon bitters, grape root bitters, appetine bitters, digestine bitters, red star stomach bitters, etc.Perhaps it may say something like Valentine Blatz Brewing Company or Joseph Schlitz Brewing Company.The bottle may be embossed with the word BREWERY or the word BOTTLING.

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