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The ceramic cases were more fragile than metal cases, making them less practical.

However, the ceramic case could be painted with various crests and scenes, for one-of-a-kind pieces that quickly gained collectibility.

Images can be added to plain watch dials by specialists that specialise in creating images on the dial of a watch.

Hunter-style crystals are typically thin and fragile.

Glass pocket watches are usually only displayed as the glass makes them quite fragile.

It also provides a clear and unhindered view of the watch’s inner workings, Ceramic watches made an appearance briefly as well.

By 1524 the practice spread and Peter Henlein, a master locksmith, began manufacturing watches in Germany.

Watch production spread to the rest of the world, gaining popularity rapidly.

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Whether you’re an avid watch collector or just an individual interested in the history of the pocket watch, there’s a long and interesting story behind how one of the world’s most popular accessories came into existence ) and have incorporated new types of technology to make them more accurate.

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