Dating my cousin

I finally turned around and noticed him standing there, which startled me at first. You better go now,” I told him, “before Mom catches us.” ….But I stood there, totally nude with the water running over me and he got to notice how well I had blossomed into womanhood. I must admit that seeing his cock get hard in a reaction to my body turned something on inside of me too. But he was wanting it too much and grabbed my arms by the wrist and held me down and then just kept pumping his big cock in and out of my very tight pussy.“Ever fuck anyone before” I asked, as I help guide his throbbing dick into my just fucked pussy.“Yes,” he replied, “Anna, the little tramp next door.” Curious, “Is she any good,” I replied?It came rather easily for me actually, because it was all around me. We were already kind of close anyway growing up together, I mean we lived in the same town, and he would often come over and spend the night sometimes, either sleeping on the sofa or in the same room as my two younger brothers.I must add, that many in my family, cousins, brother, and sisters, had seen each other nude when we were younger either bathing, swimming or sleeping and really never thought anything about it.

A gift from the West African branch of the family that we share. That was Noah, a guy who lived a few houses down from us. Richard and I got close enough for him to ask me if he could have sex with me, and I agreed he could, as long as no one else would find out.First, let me begin by saying that I grew up in a single parent household with my mother who dated and had sex with a lot of men. When I turned 15 years old I had started to fill out, if you know what I mean, and by the time I was 16, one of my male cousins, Chris, began to take notice.So, being promiscuous was not exactly frowned upon in our home. He was 18, about to start college and had a girlfriend.And one thing led to another, and the next thing I know I had my dark skinny legs in the air and Chris was pumping my pussy with his big dick.“Wow, you’re still so tight Dahlia,” Chris told me. I’ve only fucked a few times since you popped my cherry last summer.” “You popped her cherry bro? “You didn’t tell me that.” After cumming, Chris got off of me and I sat up to clean his sperm out with a towel that we had been drying off with. “Well okay then,” I said, “If you don’t mind sloppy seconds.” He replied, “Hell no ….

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