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Leaded lights consist of a framework of H-shaped lead strips, or cames, that join the glass pieces – usually in diamonds or rectangles.

Leaded lights can last for hundreds of years with only minimal care.

Loose or leaking glass may be re-sealed within the leadwork using glazier’s putty – a mixture of linseed oil, whiting and white cement.

Installing extra ferramenta can help prevent further buckling.When all of the glass pieces have been put within came and a border put around the entire work, pieces are cemented and supported as needed.The work may be made waterproof by forcing a soft oily cement or mastic between the glass and the cames.Leaded lights make up some of Britain's earliest surviving windows, dating back to medieval times.As glass could only be manufactured in small pieces, the leading allowed for them to be joined together to form a larger window pane.

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The traditional method of creating "camework glass" uses lead came, which ages into a dark blue-gray patina.

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