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Select Alabama employment requirements are summarized below to help an employer understand the range of employment laws affecting the employer-employee relationship in the state.An employer must comply with both federal and state law.Dating violence can occur regardless of demographic traits or individual characteristics.That being said, there are; however, numerous traits that all abusers and victims share in common.The Center for Relationship Abuse Awareness--a leading organization aimed at providing educational resources and preventive measures to discourage dating violence—defines dating violence as a “an act or pattern of abusive and coercive behavior used to maintain control over a former or current intimate partner.” Through this definition it is realized that dating violence is not only administered on active partners in a romantic relationship, but ex-partners as well.Individuals, regardless of race, socio-economic status, gender, age or religion may find themselves involved in an abusive relationship. But it seems like these days legislators are getting carried away and trying to control people’s lives a little too much. Check out these 13 laws that either have been or still are on the books in Alabama.Alabama has laws that provide greater protections to employees than federal law, including leave entitlements for crime victims and volunteer emergency responders, but generally follows federal law with respect to topics such as the minimum wage, overtime and payment of wages.

If you wish to report the actions in an anonymous fashion, you may contact the appropriate government department, such as the National Domestic Violence Hotline through their 24-hour telephone number: (800) 799-7233.“We have to get policy makers to address it before harm happens, as a public health preventable problem.” It is the ACLU’s stance that chemical castration constitutes nothing less than an egregious civil rights violation, regardless of the severity of an offender’s crime.“We have to begin to rethink how our justice system actually deals with individuals who have engaged in pedophilia and sex crimes,” Nettles said. In general, this nature of abuse or violence encompasses all forms of dating violence, including: sexual harassment, the delivery of threats, physical violence, perpetual harassment, name-calling, sexual assault, social sabotage, stalking and habitual emotional abuse.As a result of these various categories, dating violence crosses all social, economic, racial and age lines.

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It also represents a fundamental misunderstanding of the dynamics of sexual assault, which is not dictated so much by sex drive as a desire for dominance and control, Nettles says.

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