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Pipe smoking finally got me away from cigarettes; but when I was ready to return to the pipe, I knew I wanted to smoke only the very best tobaccos, and I wondered what those might be.So I Googled "pipe tobacco reviews" and found this site.We fairly often hear from newcomers asking us to sell them tobacco.Of course, we do not sell tobacco -- but quite a few popular blends here feature links to retailers where you can buy.Russian Translation | Home | Fundamentals | Aging | Tin Storage | Bulk Storage | Jarring Guide | Cellaring Cellar Gallery | Categorization | Flakes | Touchstones | Moisture | Related Topics | Glossary | Appendices 1 ~ Generally, which storage containers should be used for aging? I took some editorial license here and separated out Mr.Pease's findings into this first "general" question because I believe that they deserve to frame the discussion which follows.Every new member strengthens the database, and the community.Pipe smoking is growing again, and Tobacco Reviews is growing with it.

It’s been an absolutely beautiful day here today in Charleston!

You will have even better success locating tobacco blends you'll love once you have learned the tastes of some of our more prolific reviewers.

Spot the reviewers who rate your favorite blends highly, and chances are their other reviews can guide you to worthwhile blends that maybe you haven't tried yet.

This page lists some of the most collectable Pocket type tins.

If your tin is shown below please Contact Us to get an offer as it could be valuable.

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