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According to the results of this year’s Student Life Sex Survey, most Washington University students tend to date someone within the same school or division of major.The annual survey was conducted over the past two weeks, which introduced a question regarding the academic majors of partners in relationships.It’s also important to remember that since they have a passion for the job they’re doing, it’s likely they’re going to have passions for things outside of your relationship.Not only is this healthy, but it also creates a phenomenal bond as you won’t have to spend every single waking second together.Junior engineering student Aaron Hall noted that his partner’s major didn’t make a major difference.“My girlfriend is minoring in [computer science] but majors in finance. I don’t think being in different schools makes it harder to meet new people or be in a relationship,” Hall said.

You’ll always be taken care of, especially when it’s their turn to prepare the date.

Based on the 1,415 students who disclosed their major, business school students were the most likely to date within their discipline, with 26 percent of those in a relationship dating another business student.

Meanwhile, engineering students led the pack in commitment, with nearly half currently dating someone.

But that’s okay, who doesn’t love the time efficiency of finding a relationship through the internet?

You have to remember; engineering is a field that isn’t something everyone can do.

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There’s a very fine line between an engineer who notices all of the fine details and that nitpicks at things that have changed in their surroundings.

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