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Traveling from Interstate 15 from Las Vegas, take Exit 112 (Riverside/Bunkerville) and go south; cross the bridge over the Virgin River and turn west on the first road past the bridge.CAUTION: Most roads in Gold Butte require a 4 wheel drive vehicle with high clearance.The investigation is a data-driven assessment of state government accountability and transparency by the Center for Public Integrity and Global Integrity.Nevada’s Legislature governs a state with a 0 billion economy that includes the epicenters of the country’s gaming and gold-mining industries and one of its most-visited tourist destinations.“It’s almost impossible to think about, with a part-time citizen legislature …how you could possibly get a good grade in managing the budget,” said David Byerman, former secretary of the state Senate.Lawmakers sometimes hold meetings without providing advance notice or agendas to the public, while exhausted legislative staffers struggle to keep up.Budget decisions between sessions are made with little fanfare by a small group of legislators.

“It benefits the people who actually run this state, the gaming industry and some of the political players, to have a part-time legislature and not have things work, because then they can control everything.” When Gary Lambert applied for a grant for his nonprofit, Nevada Trail Stewards, from the state’s Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles in 2014, he might have thought it was a lock — Lambert was also the commission’s vice-chair.

To run for office while policing others would seem to be a clear conflict of interest.

But in 2014, no fewer than three of the commission’s decision-makers decided to do just that, seemingly flouting the law and raising the question: who watches the watchdogs?

And I told people from the ethics commission that I was going to run for county commissioner and nobody said, ‘You should not do this.’ “ The Ethics Commission has only one investigator, and the commission’s own 2014 annual report said current law makes it “nearly impossible” for it to cite offenders with the kind of willful violations that lead to fines.

“The Commission sees our mission first and foremost as education,” said Executive Director Yvonne Nevarez-Goodson.

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The legislature employs an auditor to dig into the finances of the executive and judicial branches, who has ferreted out safety problems at the state’s juvenile detention centers and investigated long-hauling of tourists by state-regulated taxi drivers. And while Nevada recently banned all gifts to lawmakers from the state’s powerful lobbyists, those lobbyists still aren’t required to report on their activities between sessions.

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