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Take off the pressure of getting married, and be open to making friends.Whether or not these friendships lead to marriage, they can lead to encouragement, sharpening, and an all-around broadening of horizons.Until then, trust Him, pursue your passions, make friends, embrace singleness- and enjoy the ride.For all you know, love might just be right around the corner.This man was in his 40s, but lest we write off these statistics as a symptom of the old (read: divorcees, or dudes with decreased sex drive), the percentage of men saying "yes" to imperfect committment was actually highest among men in their 20s, almost 40 percent of whom said they'd commit without love (compared with 22 percent of women).The gap narrowed as men and women entered their 30s, and widened again past 40. overlook his halitosis or abysmal sense of aesthetics.

The more fixated you are on finding love and obsessed about entering marriage, the more desperate you will appear, because eventually, the things that you think about most start seeping into every part of your life for the whole world to see.

A new survey shows that men are surprisingly likely to say they’d commit to a person they’re not in love with. Our meeting wasn’t a ploy for tips on how to win him back—though, did you know that sex kicks the attachment hormone into overdrive? It was about singles in America, conducted in conjunction with—and I was, begrudgingly, again part of this demographic.

Two days after a devastating breakup, I had lunch with the biological anthropologist Helen Fisher, the person who probably knows more about the science of romance and long-term love than anyone else on the planet.

Christian young adults can be terrified of male/female friendships.

Afraid of risking a broken heart, or looking inappropriate to the innocent passerby, it’s easy to avoid friendships that could very well be the foundation of finding a future mate.

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The best way to meet a potential match is to get out there and do what you love.

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