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Samson scooped some of the sticky stuff up onto his fingers and tasted it. He dug out more of the sweetness with his hand and ate it.As the honey melted on his tongue, he felt his muscles grow even stronger.There he discovered that her father had already given her away to another man – a friend of Samson’s. “But here, take her sister, she’s no less pretty.” Samson looked at the sister.

Samson and Delilah - A long time ago, in a land where the sun was searingly hot, a man was making his way through a vineyard.

The poor terrified animals ran through the fields and set alight the corn and the nearby farms.

The whole sky was lit up with the blaze, and for miles around the Philistines had lost their crops. The Philistines took revenge on the Israelites for Samson’s deeds.

Philistines and Israelites sat side by side around the tables. They sang and danced together, and they laid bets and dares for each other.

In fact after not very long, anyone coming upon this wedding celebration would have a hard time saying who was Philistine and who was Israelite.

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Download the audio (right click, save as) The epic and tragic story of Samson and Delilah can be found in the Bible’s book of judges. He was young and handsome, and long hair fell down his muscular back.

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