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If you do not know the coin’s current fair market value, you can assign a declared value based on the price you paid for the coin (if purchased recently), a value you found in a price guide (such as the NGC Price Guide), the price a dealer offered to pay you for the coin or other reasonable determining method. If NGC determines that a coin is undervalued and does not qualify for the tier or services selected, it may adjust the tier and charge the appropriate difference in conservation, grading and/or services fees based on its determination of the coin’s current Fair Market Value.

(Note: NGC will adjust the tier even if the coin is later determined to be not genuine, altered or otherwise ungradable.) NGC will not, however, change the declared value originally assigned by the submitter.

Aside from its practical value, money is made distinctive by the culture in which it rises and evolves.

Chinese money is no different, with the bank notes proudly diplaying the face of Mao Zedong as testament to China's recent history.

For higher level transactions, ingots of silver were commonly used.

These ingots resemble in their form the classic origami boat children enjoy folding out of paper, and it may be seen on souvenir stalls as the item held aloft in some representations of the Buddha, a symbol of prosperity.

Fair Market Value: For the purposes of this Policy, the “current Fair Market Value” is the value of the coin if it were to be sold, as determined by NGC in its sole reasonably exercised discretion.Electronic transactions are becoming increasingly common, so expect the frustrations in supermarket queues as everywhere else in the world when someone ahead of you has a handful of items and chooses to pay with a bank card. Cash is still the preferred means of transaction, so notes of various denominations are changing hands all day long, even for quite large amounts.Becoming rich is a common wish, dream and pursuit, though more and more of the younger generation, not having been to exposed to the difficulties their parents and grandparents faced in times of need, are looking further afield in life for fulfillment.When Qin Shihuang, the First Emperor, united China in 221 BC round coins with a square hole in the middle were introduced and this form of currency was used until around 1890.This is the form of the currency in the nation's popular imagination, and representations of it can be seen in the modern day as symbols of wealth and prosperity.

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Another reason is that the coin has active surface residue.

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