Dating based personality types

He was a Southern gentleman just missing the bow tie, and I was his girly companion in pink, white, and red. I'm an ENFJ, and he, as an ISTJ, thought pretty differently than me.When I heard the letters, I started imagining our points of tension—but then I stopped myself.Resting face kind of looks like they’re planning to kill you (don’t take it personally).Pros of Dating an ENTJ: Inspires you to become the best version of yourself. Genuinely motivated to see you thrive in all areas of your life and works relentlessly to make this happen. Expects you to concede to their standards, some of which are just plain weird.Pros of Dating an ISTP: Extremely self-sufficient and capable. Kind of like an encyclopedia, but a fun one you can take on adventures.

Fails to understand why you’re not thrilled by this process. Cons of Dating an ESFP: Texts you 800 times in a row. Pros of Dating an ISFP: Is as calming as sitting by the ocean and watching the waves roll in. Pros of Dating an ESTP: So fun they should be illegal.

Pros of Dating an ISFJ: Like a nicer version of your parents.

Goes to the end of the earth to make you happy and comfortable.

Your actual parents will love them Pros of Dating an ESFJ: An unprecedented mix of fun and responsible. Invests in your relationship like a nerd with a bitcoin account in 2010. Cons of Dating an ESTJ: Only ever wants socks for Christmas.

Cons of Dating an ESFJ: You must commit the next 100 years of your life to them on the first date. Pros of Dating an ISTJ: Has been an adult since before they learned to walk.

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If disappearing episodes are restricted, grumpiness levels rise. Shakes the foundation of your worldview in an affirming way.

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