Dating advice for mature gay men

Rather than hating it and pitying yourself, recognise this is the crucible that will shape your future. If you can learn to be emotionally resilient, to make the best of a bad time and to not give up, you’ll have something that will serve you well your entire life – the ability to overcome hardship.

Besides all of that, you can’t taste just how sweet success really is when you’ve never gone through any pain.

Some of them went to college and dropped out, and then went from job to job. The common factor was a great attitude and work ethic.

If you act like a typical entitled twentysomething and go from job to job, always bitching about how you aren’t getting anywhere or that no one listens to you, you’ll end up somewhere shitty in your 30s.

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They’ll pressure you to stay in that job you don’t like because it’s stable.

It was exhausting and incredibly unsatisfying to live my life for adulation from others.

When I joined the army, I began to dislike and chafe against authority.

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Some people know what they want to do straight out of school, while others are clueless.

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